ISIS Attacks in Paris, France Strikes Back

On Friday, November 13, eight separate attackers bombed or shot over 200 people in Paris, France. The targeted attacks were claimed by ISIS, and seven of the attackers are confirmed dead. There is, as of November 15, still a manhunt for the last living attacker. It is believed that at least one of the attackers was a Syrian ISIS member, who was smuggled in with the millions of other Syrian refugees who have entered Europe in the past few years.

This news is incredibly disturbing, and many people, including the Pope, have called this an act of the Third World War. Now, as public safety and immigration concerns mount, France and the rest of the world are faced with how to handle ISIS and the continuing threat they pose as “lone wolf” terrorists. France, on November 15, decided the best way to show ISIS their acts would not be met with platitude was to bomb ISIS strongholds.


From the United Arab Emirates and Jordan, the French sent 10 fighter jets and 2 additional aircraft to Syria. From the air, the jets took out a command center, believed to hold recruiting offices and arms and munitions, as well as a training center. The mission was considered a success, meaning that the buildings were leveled. ISIS, as of Sunday night, had yet to respond.

France was just the victim of an ISIS attack at Charlie Hebdo headquarters in January of 2015, after publishing a cartoon caricature of Mohammed. The death toll reached 12 then, and the November 13th attacks have now passed 130 dead. ISIS continues to make stronger moves throughout Europe and Russia, having just shot down a Russian airplane.


Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, has initiated nearly six weeks of airstrikes on ISIS strongholds, and now France has added to the attacks. ISIS continues to attack in Syria, Lebanon, and other areas, and the G20 Summit leaders have vowed a renewed intensity in dealing with them.

The United States and the Obama administration has vowed their support for the French, saying they will help find the perpetrators of the Paris attacks, but has not laid out plans for how to do so. The French attacks come only a day after Obama said in an interview that ISIS was much more “contained” than in years before. The rest of the world is waiting to see what the US military will do in retaliation, and how ISIS will respond.

ISIS, which has strongholds in Iraq and Syria, have begun to spread across the world, whether through their video recruiting abilities, or through their immigration from Syria and Iraq to other places around the world. Needless to say, Paris is waiting for bated breath to see how far ISIS has spread, and the rest of the world is going to have to do the same.

Many politicians and experts in world affairs believe this is the start of a major string of attacks, and that ISIS will not stop with Paris.

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