About Me


I am an ex-civilian contractor who worked in Fallujah, Iraq for the great part of the Iraqi War spanning 2001-2014. Over that time, I helped construct mass amounts of infrastructure, as well as plan for better shelters for American and British troops on the ground. During my time overseas, I spent a lot of time with both soldiers and civilians, and found that the biggest threat to safety was lack of education on the historical problems facing the regions. Really, when I talked about the war in Iraq when I could visit my home in the States, people only talked about the current situation. As if the whole thing was only related to 9/11 and one terrorist group’s attack. The reality of the situation goes much deeper, and much further back, than all that.


After nearly 13 years working as a full-time contract overseas, and seeing a lot of really intense fighting from my location in Fallujah, I retired along with many other combat soldiers. Unlike the soldiers who actually fought, I could sleep at night. However, I was not able to stop thinking about how much the war actually involved, and how so many different aspects of the Middle East are combined. So many events extend back to thinks that happened in biblical times, just look at the issues between Israel and Palestine. The terrorist groups that continue to act against Iraq and Afghanistan base their fight on their holy book, the Quran. This war was a long time coming, and is far from over.


Once I retired from my civil contractor job, I was stuck with a lot of time on my hands. I spent a lot of time playing golf, and even more time watching the news. I was not happy with what I was seeing, mostly because the news coverage was incapable of covering exactly what was going on with the civilians in these war-torn regions- the majority of which just want to get on with their lives and don’t really care who is in power. So I began writing articles on major news events, with just enough information in there to give a basic background, without being overwhelming. It turned out people really liked my articles, and so I kept writing more.


Unfortunately, over the past year, so much has happened that I find myself with plenty to write, especially in regards to terrorist groups and humanitarian efforts in the Middle East. I decided to create this website to make it a sort of archive for my articles, based on country or civil war or terrorist group, that allows people to search for a background. I think the easier it is to access the information, the easier it will be for people to make an educated decision on voting for leaders, public policy, and understanding how everything in our global economy is connected.


I am passionate about getting to the root of the problem, and providing that information in a simple way so that anyone can watch the news and understand exactly what is happening.